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Lee Wasserman

President & CEO click to read bio Mr. Wasserman is a 25-year nationally recognized environmental industry leader who specializes in property oriented issues. Few in the industry have more years of environmental field and management experience than Mr. Wasserman. He is currently the founding CEO and President of LEW Corporation, which was established in 1991. During his two decades of environmental experience, Mr. Wasserman has performed municipal, commercial and residential inspections, monitored projects and conducted risk management assessments, created management and abatement programs and O&M plans, conducted industry training, and completed all types of remediation. His extensive experience and expertise in the environmental field, coupled with his well-recognized and seasoned team, has made Mr. Wasserman a nationally sought-out environmental industry expert, consultant, trainer and remediation contractor. Mr. Wasserman has worked on thousands of multi-family housing units, private residential homes, schools, houses of worship, daycare facilities, military sites, industrial and commercial facilities, universities and healthcare entities, and has successfully completed assignments for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington DC, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and numerous housing authorities. He was a key member of the HUD Task Force committee for “EFFECTIVE AND TIMELY IMPLEMENTATION OF SECTION 1012/1013 OF TITLE X” and was requested and is recognized by HUD Washington to be one of only several national examiners of The HUD Guidelines (May 2012 ver.).   Mr. Wasserman was requested to write “Mold – What Every Professional Real Estate Manager needs to know. (IREM 2004).”   LEW Corp. and Mr. Wasserman have been 3 time recipients of the NJ Apartment Association Presidents’ award and additionally has been awarded the NYC prestigious ABO Emma Lazarus award.   Mr. Wasserman receives regular requests to speak about environmental concerns for both private and public entities as well as many of the media outlets (NY Times, Good Morning America, CNBC, Good Housing keeping, HUD, EPA, GA).  As a nationally selected HUD trainer, was one of the first to train the federally required LSWP & RRP Rule. LEW Corporation has successfully trained tens of thousands of participants in multiple environmental regulatory requirements and disciplines. melissa

Melissa Guagenti

Manager of Client Relations click to read bio Melissa Guagenti is the Manager of Client Relations at LEW Corporation with experience in management, customer service, and marketing.  Before her employment with LEW Corporation, Melissa studied Business Management and Marketing at Montclair State University and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration in 2008.  During her time at MSU, she was enrolled in the Disney College Program where she worked as an Operations Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resort and learned the “Art” of customer service.  After graduation, Melissa joined an Entertainment/Event Company where she coordinated various events and was able to excel in customer service, effect communication, teamwork, and problem solving.  As Manager of Client relations at LEW Corporation, Melissa is responsible for assisting clients with scheduling, concerns, and customer satisfaction.  She also partakes in various projects, attends events and trade shows, and helps her teammates where needed. Whether it being in departments of consulting, remediation, marketing, or accounting, Melissa assists with all. ruth

Ruth Cooper

Manager of Finance and Accounting click to read bio Ruth Cooper is the Manager of Finance and Accounting at LEW Corporation with experience in management, accounting, bookkeeping and customer service.  In 1969 Ruth graduated from Carver High School in Lake City, SC and migrated to Bronx, New York where she began work at New York Telephone/AT &T.  She worked there for 33 years and preformed various duties. (Operator and AT & T Employee & Labor Relations).  After 33 years she decided to change her career and began working at LEW Corporation in 2004. greg

Greg Krueger

Senior Vice President click to read bio Greg Krueger is Senior Vice President of Operations for LEW Corporation. In this position, Mr. Krueger oversees all day-to-day corporate operations for above ground remediation, below ground remediation, consulting and administration divisions. He joined LEW Corporation in 2003 as a Project Manager specializing in indoor air quality investigations. Over the years, Mr. Krueger has progressed through the company from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager to his current position as Senior Vice President of Operations. Mr. Krueger has been working in the environmental consulting field since 2000, and has performed thousands of assessments for mold, industrial hygiene, lead-based paint and asbestos in residential, commercial and government properties. These inspections have ranged from single apartment units to multiple building, multi-family apartment complexes to supermarkets and high-rise office spaces. Mr. Krueger is fully knowledgeable regarding industrial hygiene inspection practices, and is experienced in sample planning and methodologies. He has planned, overseen and provided clearance design for numerous remediation projects, ranging from apartment units to multiple staged commercial projects. Mr. Krueger is also an accomplished instructor and public speaker. He has taught numerous classes on a wide range of environmental topics, from indoor air quality to lead-based paint and industrial hygiene. He continues to be involved as an instructor for the Environmental and Public Health program at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He has also been asked to speak about environmental topics for various organizations, including NJ Northern Health Consortium, NJ Environmental Health Association, NJ Apartment Association and NJ League of Municipalities. rhonda

Rhoda Wilson

Manager of Administration click to read bio Rhoda Wilson is Manager of Administration at LEW Corporation with experience in management and customer service.  In 1969 Rhoda graduated from Carver High School in Lake City, SC and migrated to Bronx, New York where she began her career at New York telephone/AT &T.  She worked there for 28 years. After 28 years she decided to change her career and in 1998 began working at LEW Corporation. As Manager of Administration, Rhoda is responsible for assisting clients with scheduling, concerns, and customer satisfaction.  She oversees day-to-day operations within our administration department and partakes in different projects, where needed. Whether in departments of consulting, remediation, marketing, or accounting, Rhoda does and assists with all. allan

Allan Wilson

Remediation Program Manager click to read bio Allan Wilson is the Remediation Program Manager of LEW Corporation since 2015.  Allan utilizes his 30+ years of construction and management experience to serve the North East with its environmental remediation needs.  Allan is successful in creating effective communication between his staff, vendors, contractors and customers to achieve outstanding results on any type of remediation project.  Allan is trained and certified as a Supervisor for Lead Abatement, Asbestos Abatement and Mold Remediation in NJ and NY, and a Supervisor for Lead Abatement in MD.  Allan’s extensive knowledge and training ensures that each project meets all safety standards required by law while maintaining the cost effectiveness and quality of work that LEW Corporation is known for.

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